Florida 2014 in Photos – 4

So installment number four is one of our wedding photos after the ceremony whilst we were at Lake Toho, or by it’s full name Lake Tohopekaliga. It is such a beautiful place! One thing I did not know about it at the time, it’s native name means “we will gather together here”. It was very busy here on the 11th November, but then it did happen to be Veterans Day. What a scorcher too, I am pretty certain it managed to peak at the high 80’s. I actually got burnt a little. We are all trying to smile and not squint but it was proving challenging. We rarely have full family photos so I adore these ones. All of them. I will be putting more wedding photos in this series for sure!


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Florida 2014 in Photos – 3

This was a selfie taken by me as we were off to redo our wedding vows together. We all got dressed up and it was a great day. More photos of that will be added to this series at a later date!


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Florida 2014 in Photos – 2

My kids loved all the theme parks in Florida! Animal Kingdom was their first actual Disney park that they went to on this trip. Travis has been to Florida before when he was two and visited Magic Kingdom. But he had never been to Animal Kingdom before. This is Madison’s first time in the USA when she was not in her Mummy’s tummy! Here they both are posing for pics in front of a cool Tiger photo spot! Love it!


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Florida 2014 in Photos – 1

So for my first installment of this series I wanted to post a photo of my beautiful family in front of the Castle in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. But I have opted for those to come toward the end of this series. As I have quite alot of photos from this Holiday this may just be my longest photo series yet!

So Episode 1 sees me and my wife Nicola (back row), both looking pretty scared whilst riding Expedition Everest which is located in the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Now the small child in front looks cooler than me… but I can live with that as this ride is such good fun & he obviously is a roller coaster pro!

I absolutely loved it! I tried to record us using my Go Pro which you can see me holding in the picture, however it was an awfully fast rollercoaster so holding the camera whilst losing my sh*t was not easy! This is a pretty interesting ride as not only do you go really fast going forward, but there is a big section of this ride where you are propelled around the track backward! Also it’s listed in the 2011 Guinness World Record book as the most expensive roller coaster in the world! It seems to have cost somewhere in the region of $100 million! So you can appreciate this ride even more when you know a little more about it.


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What My Child Thinks Of Me

So my son Travis who is 6 came downstairs on Sunday morning. He was pretty happy with himself. Eagerly clutching his writing pad he exclaimed he had written a sentence about me.

This obviously peaked my interest. So he didn’t want me to see it until he read it. He didn’t read it as much as shout it like he wanted everyone in England to hear it. After being initially interested in the sentence, all I could do was thank him for a wonderful description of what he thinks of his old man. I have laughed, been proud, happy and lots of other emotions about this seemingly simple gesture of gratitude by Travis.

It’s crazy how fast your children grow up, they just keep on making you grateful for being able to raise them. He is a pleasure to bring up as he is a very clever, and well behaved young man. Here is the writing he did about me. Enjoy!


It reads… Ash is mint cool awesom and good. Mint is a slang word used in the north east of England to describe something/someone good. It doesn’t make much sense, and their is spelling errors, but come on! How cool am I to my son?

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Pic of the Day – 13/09/2013


I love this shot. Taken at the Coledale Inn which is in Braithewaite, Keswick. Travis loves spaghetti bolognese. This shot was taken in 2011.

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