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Florida 2014 in Photos – 7

This photo was one taken by my beautiful wife whilst we were having a stroll around Animal Kingdom. So as we were walking around we stumbled upon an Indian themed party. There were 2-3 women who were doing traditional Indian dance moves to some sort of Indian infused dance music. Madison loves to dance so my Dad went up with her to have a boogie on the dance floor so to speak. So Nicola snapped a photo of a coy looking Madison with her Grandad. Thanks for stopping by!



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Florida 2014 in Photos – 6

Merry Christmas one and all! This is installment number 6 of my Florida 2014 in Photos set. Today we have a cool image of some Shark Teeth! Great White Shark Teeth to be exact, modelled by my eldest son Travis! This is located in Sea World and you can find it in the Shark Encounter! Travis loved this exhibit and he got to go round twice as we took turns as Kody and Madison did not want to see the sharks! Enjoy!


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Ill Again?

So this is the second time in just over a month i’ve had the symptons and illness of flu. This was has come on pretty rapid as i keep going hot and cold.

Surely you can’t get the flu twice in a month? The first time this year I became ill was on the 12th November, I had to go to several theme parks and slug through it as i’m not going to lose out on holidays just for a crappy flu.

But now i’m back home, settled and back into the work routine. So this hits me out of the blue. Feel weak, aching all over, headache and I keep going hot and cold. Let’s just hope this is a 24 hour thing as I don’t want anyone in my house to catch this just before Xmas!

Man flu is definitely real people! Stay safe!

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Florida 2014 in Photos – 5

I love how Disney can make you feel special, when in reality everyone gets treated the same! FastPass+ was really good and helped us get onto some rides we wanted too, without having to wait around for too long. So edition 5 is here and along with that you can see mine and my wife’s Animal Kingdom past pass for the 12th November 2014.


As you can see for the people who have never used it, you can pre-book certain rides or attractions days, even weeks in advance! Some rides we tried to book were full, so things like Primeval Whirl were added for us, which we could pick and choose as we wished! Very cool! Next time you are going to Disney, make sure you book in your FastPass rides as early as you can to avoid those pesky queues!

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Florida 2014 in Photos – 4

So installment number four is one of our wedding photos after the ceremony whilst we were at Lake Toho, or by it’s full name Lake Tohopekaliga. It is such a beautiful place! One thing I did not know about it at the time, it’s native name means “we will gather together here”. It was very busy here on the 11th November, but then it did happen to be Veterans Day. What a scorcher too, I am pretty certain it managed to peak at the high 80’s. I actually got burnt a little. We are all trying to smile and not squint but it was proving challenging. We rarely have full family photos so I adore these ones. All of them. I will be putting more wedding photos in this series for sure!


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Florida 2014 in Photos – 3

This was a selfie taken by me as we were off to redo our wedding vows together. We all got dressed up and it was a great day. More photos of that will be added to this series at a later date!


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