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Florida 2014 in Photos – 4

So installment number four is one of our wedding photos after the ceremony whilst we were at Lake Toho, or by it’s full name Lake Tohopekaliga. It is such a beautiful place! One thing I did not know about it at the time, it’s native name means “we will gather together here”. It was very busy here on the 11th November, but then it did happen to be Veterans Day. What a scorcher too, I am pretty certain it managed to peak at the high 80’s. I actually got burnt a little. We are all trying to smile and not squint but it was proving challenging. We rarely have full family photos so I adore these ones. All of them. I will be putting more wedding photos in this series for sure!


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Keswick and Me – 5

Wow! Episode 5 already, half way through this series. I love this picture for this part of Keswick and Me. Ableit we are missing one of our children! Poor Kody wasn’t even here yet! Well he was in his Mammy’s tummy so technically he was there with us. I love Lake Derwent Water. Stunning. I love the clouds coming over the mountains in this shot. Enjoy!


To see the image in a bigger size click HERE

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Keswick and Me – 2

So this is the second photo of me in Keswick, a place that I love. This is me right next to Lake Derwent on the 4th August 2011. Less beard and less side parting on this one!!


It began to rain soon after this photo was taken, but even that can’t put a donwer on Keswick for me.

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Keswick and Me – 1

So over the next few days as I miss the place, I thought i’d whack up a few of my old photos (by old I mean 2011). Taken by me and my beautiful wife on our old DSLR which we no longer have. This series is called Keswick and Me, and it has it’s own category on my blog. Enjoy!

Photo 1:
Here’s me happy and content in the Lake District. One my favorite places on Earth. It’s simply beautiful and I have so many amazing memories with my Wife and family there. This is a good one showing off my side parting and beard! We are situated in the town centre here, just next to the old school sweet shop!


This photo was taken in July of 2011. So a little old now, but a lovely day out none the less!

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