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Ill Again?

So this is the second time in just over a month i’ve had the symptons and illness of flu. This was has come on pretty rapid as i keep going hot and cold.

Surely you can’t get the flu twice in a month? The first time this year I became ill was on the 12th November, I had to go to several theme parks and slug through it as i’m not going to lose out on holidays just for a crappy flu.

But now i’m back home, settled and back into the work routine. So this hits me out of the blue. Feel weak, aching all over, headache and I keep going hot and cold. Let’s just hope this is a 24 hour thing as I don’t want anyone in my house to catch this just before Xmas!

Man flu is definitely real people! Stay safe!

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Riveting TV!

Sometimes you’ll see an advert for a TV show and it makes you stop in your tracks. Say hello to my Pic of the Day!! I just couldn’t believe they managed to make a show all about a potential “fictional” man’s private parts. I personally do not believe in a higher power, but I can’t imagine many people who do believe in God, and Jesus taking too kindly to this kind of show. It did make me chuckle a little though, as the people in the advert were deadly serious about it all.


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