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Florida 2014 in Photos – 4

So installment number four is one of our wedding photos after the ceremony whilst we were at Lake Toho, or by it’s full name Lake Tohopekaliga. It is such a beautiful place! One thing I did not know about it at the time, it’s native name means “we will gather together here”. It was very busy here on the 11th November, but then it did happen to be Veterans Day. What a scorcher too, I am pretty certain it managed to peak at the high 80’s. I actually got burnt a little. We are all trying to smile and not squint but it was proving challenging. We rarely have full family photos so I adore these ones. All of them. I will be putting more wedding photos in this series for sure!


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Mmmmmmm…. Cake!

So yesterday with it being Mother’s Day, we went over to our Sister’s house who made us dinner. It was very tasty! BUT LOOK WHAT WE HAD FOR DESSERT!!!!


It was VERY tasty! It was a massive cake. Very tall! As you can see it’s as tall as the plate is long!

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mam. Linda! No one else in the world is like you, I can pretty much guarantee that!

Happy Mother’s Day to my gorgeous wife, Mammy to our 3 little kiddiewinkles. She is amazing in every way and I adore her more each day!

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Keswick and Me – 2

So this is the second photo of me in Keswick, a place that I love. This is me right next to Lake Derwent on the 4th August 2011. Less beard and less side parting on this one!!


It began to rain soon after this photo was taken, but even that can’t put a donwer on Keswick for me.

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Foisty Cabbage Podcast – Ep 30

So episode 30 is live, on a personal note it isn’t the best, more like a mates chat, but we have changed the way we present them to you. If you use an Apple device which shows artwork, when we change subject it should show you a picture of what we are discussing. So keep an eye out on that! Enjoy!!

Visit iTunes Here: Episode 30

Download Here: Episode 30

Side note, it might take a little while to show up on the iTunes page I linked too. Keep checking it.
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