Bucket List

This page is my bucket list. I have made this page after my beautiful wife Minimosh decided to make a blog about her own bucket list (Link HERE).

1.) Learn to Base jump (See what makes me want to do this HERE)
2.) Skydive
3.) Go on Kraken and Manta on the same day (Sea World in Orlando, Florida)
4.) DWA license
5.) Try Beverly at Epcot
6.) Enter a Zombie Run
7.) Fire a real AK47
8.) Bet it all on black
9.) Start doomsday prepping
10.) Chase a tornado
11.) Renew my wedding vows in Florida (COMPLETED – 11.11.2014)
12.) See Tool live
13.) Travel to Japan
14.) Stay in a capsule hotel in Japan (See what one is HERE)
15.) See the Whale Sharks in Atlanta Aquarium
16.) Try Surströmming! (If you want to know what it is click HERE)
17.) Go to Amsterdam, Holland (COMPLETED – 11.04.2015)
18.) Visit the Bulldog cafe in Amsterdam (COMPLETED – 12.04.2015)
19.) Eat some Philosopher’s Stones (truffles) with my friends in Amsterdam
20.) Go to a FC Bayern München football match
21.) Go to a Juventus football match
22.) Go to a AS Roma football match
23.) See Crystal Palace play at Selhurst Park
24.) Fit into 36inch waist Jeans again
25.) Be able to do a full workout with a 32KG Kettlebell


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