About Me

Hello and thanks for stopping by my website! A appreciate your time and wanting to learn a little more about me.


I am Ashbosh, or known by my real name as Ashleigh (Everyone calls me Ashbosh, or Ash). I was born way back in 1985 in a small town in the North East of England called Darlington.

I have lived and grown up in the North of England and now I have a beautiful family to keep me entertained! I live with my wife Nicola, who I married at the ripe old age ofd 21! We have dedicated our lived to each other, and we have settled down and had a family. We have had 3 children together, Travis, Madison and our youngest child Kody. We also have a few pets in the house! a Tarantula a snake, 3 cats and a dog!

I love music. I mean I really love music. My favourite style would have to be Heavy metal and rock music with some punk mixed in.  I am also a big fan of 80’s music. Like the electropop days I mean who doesn’t like to sing cheesy 80’s songs?

Both me and my wife also like tattoos and we have alot of them between us. I currently have a whole back piece in progression as well as a sleeve. My wife has an awesome World of Warcraft sleeve coming together nicely and she has just begun a Disney leg piece.

I’m not really into alcohol. It’s just never been my thing. If i do decide to have a drink it will more than likely be a JD and coke, or a White Russian. I also love Jägermeister! I do however adore all food! Except for Celery.

To counter act my bad food lifestyle, I always want to stay fit, so I have good tools for the job at home. I enjoy Kettlebells, cycling, DDP Yoga and running.

This blog will be me documenting thoughts and more so a diary of my life, with links to my vlogs on youtube


One thought on “About Me

  1. lozzmonsterr says:

    On first stumbling upon your blog I wasn’t sure whether to go much further; your first post relating to zombies (irrational phobia of mine) kinda put me off BUT the snakes, music taste, ink and the fact you’re from Darlo have changed my mind.
    You advertise yourself well haha

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