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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

So today I did the challenge. It was horrible.

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Archers Jersey Ice Cream – Walworth Gate

Here is my youngest boy Kody, with his Cousin Poppy (Middle), and on the far right is my daughter Madison. All enjoying a nice Archer’s Jersey ice cream! It got very messy!!


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Prehistoric Pets – Reptile Show in Darlington

I wanted to put some of the recent show on my pic of the day category. To see more of this category just select Pic of the Day under the series tab at the top of this page!

This photo is of Travis and Madison stood in front of some reticulated pythons/burmese pythons, some of which were bred by Prehistoric pets in the USA but shipped over to the UK and sold by the Reptile Room (Visit their site HERE)



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North East IHS Reptile Show 2014 – Darlington

Today is the 10th August 2014. I attended the North East IHS reptile show which was held in Darlington. It is more the Southern North East branch meet, and it was held in Longfield School. Doors opened at 10am and it had a very good turn out. This first photo below was taking around 11:30am and it only one part of the main floor. This shot was taken from upstairs where the guest speakers were on and also where the judging for members snakes/lizards were taking place.

One of my favorite parts of the show today had to be the “Hot” Species section. What that means for people who are not reptile keepers, is the venemous section. As it was only a small scale show it only had 3 different types of snakes on show that were venemous. My favourite had to be the Horned Vipers. Beautiful yet deadly, small yet potent my photo does not do their beauty justice at all but take a looksie!


We had to have someone posing with the snakes and my eldest boy Travis wanted to do it. I like this photo because as you’ll notice the snake is coming up for a closer look of Travis!


It was a small and intimate show for collectors and hobbyists alike. I strongly recommend you go and take a look at your local show next time you have one near you. It’s a great chance to see things not normally seen in day to day life. Also my children learnt alot as each animal had an information sheet so it taught them where the snakes come from and how they live etc. Thanks for reading!


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