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Mmmmmmm…. Cake!

So yesterday with it being Mother’s Day, we went over to our Sister’s house who made us dinner. It was very tasty! BUT LOOK WHAT WE HAD FOR DESSERT!!!!


It was VERY tasty! It was a massive cake. Very tall! As you can see it’s as tall as the plate is long!

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mam. Linda! No one else in the world is like you, I can pretty much guarantee that!

Happy Mother’s Day to my gorgeous wife, Mammy to our 3 little kiddiewinkles. She is amazing in every way and I adore her more each day!

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It’s Times Like These

When you realise you are an absolute geek. 3 Screening World of Warcraft!

It’s ultra sad. But I love it! Now i’ve just heard that Hearthstone is officially released…. I need a loan!!!

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I Love My Cheap Earphones

So a few weeks ago I bought my wife a cool Nirvana keyring. On the way to the checkouts I saw a stand full of cheap earphones. They should usually retail at £9.99 but if you buy anything in store that’s normal price then you could get them for £4.99. They are called HMDX sqsh+ stereo headphones (but fit in ear – see pic below)


Here’s another photo below. But this one is just of the actual ear bud itself. They are not the greatest quality, but really what do you expect for £4.99 but they are VERY GOOD for their price bracket. I am happy with them as they are the only in ear phones so far in my 28 year existence that stay in my ear!!


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Riveting TV!

Sometimes you’ll see an advert for a TV show and it makes you stop in your tracks. Say hello to my Pic of the Day!! I just couldn’t believe they managed to make a show all about a potential “fictional” man’s private parts. I personally do not believe in a higher power, but I can’t imagine many people who do believe in God, and Jesus taking too kindly to this kind of show. It did make me chuckle a little though, as the people in the advert were deadly serious about it all.


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You Ain’t Touching My Nose Daddy!

You know when it’s cold and flu season when your little ones catch EVERYTHING under the Sun and constantly have a horrible slug style substance crawling out of their nose!

Disgusting! But this photo makes me laugh. Our little Kody looking a wee bit miffed when asked if I could wipe his snotty beak!


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