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Thinking of My Bucket list

Everyone has to have a bucket list! You don’t know what a bucket list is? Well that’s okay. All it is, is a list of all the places people want to go, or things they really want to do before they kick the bucket (die) so to speak.

Me and my beautiful wife Nicola have spent over 9 years together and this year it will be a decade!!!  My wife blogs over at and she has just made her very own list of the top things she wants to do in life.

Me? I don’t have one. My life goals have already been completed. That’s not sad, so please don’t think I am unhappy at reaching my life goals by 28. But I have. All I ever wanted was to find my life partner and marry her, and have 3 kids. I wanted two boys and a girl. I even knew what order I wanted to have my kiddies.

I am not sure when I even started to have this life goal, but I wanted it from am early age. I didn’t want my girl to be born first. I wanted a boy first so he could protect his little sister. Well, I had a boy called Travis. He was amazing. He was 1/2 me and half the only other person who mattered to me in my life. He was perfect in every way and I love him to pieces just as much as the first time I saw him. Then I was lucky enough to get a girl in my little princess Madison. She sometimes has the attitude of a big diva, but she makes me laugh and she is a loving & beautiful girl. So to complete my lifes goal Kody was born in February 2012. Such a little cutey. He is my baby and will always be my little Kody Dodey (his nickname).

So my biggest dream In life is done. BUT as Nicola wrote hers she has alot of cool things on her bucket list and I feel I could get a list of all the big events I would like to do before I’m too old.

I will even make a blog page especially for it. So remember to keep checking back to see my very own bucket list!!

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