Dot Com Be Gone!

Let’s just put this into context of how busy I can be on a regular basis. I have a full time job (but in this day and age who knows for how long). I have a wife but also 3 children, 3 cats, 7 spiders, 2 snakes and a dog. I need to do housework, I love World of Warcraft which takes time to play, I’am also an avid watcher of anything WWE even though it’s stale as of late. So as you can see above I have a lot of things going on at any one time.

So some buggers snapped up my old domain when I wasn’t really active on my blog to renew it. I did get emails so I take responsibility for not purchasing it in time. But really?!! seemed like an investment to somebody? I don’t want to sound like a douche here, but if you search Ashbosh on google all that pretty much comes back is stuff about yours truly.

I was gutted when I discovered I’d lost the domain that has been my home for nearly 3 years. But like I said before it is my fault entirely that I had plenty of time to renew but it was at the bottom of my to-do list.

So because some people thought they’d ruin someone else’s day, I felt obliged to blog it, and then move address and get myself a new home! So welcome everyone to ASHBOSH.NET!
party8I never said I was original! I like my nickname and it sticks to me like flies round s**t. So welcome one and all to my new home, I doubt I’ll bother even getting back and I hope they make a loss when they come to sell it. Thank you to all my followers and friends who read all my blogs and put up with my crap.

See you all around on my new website and thanks for stopping by!

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3 thoughts on “Dot Com Be Gone!

  1. MiniMosh says:

    .net for the win

  2. That stinks that you lost your domain. Did the new owners try to charge you to buy it back? Good luck with .net!

    • Ashbosh says:

      Yeah they have said it would cost over 200 US dollars. I’m really not that important of a person to have to spend that on a .com when a .net to me is equally as cool. Thanks for visiting me! 🙂

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