What My Child Thinks Of Me

So my son Travis who is 6 came downstairs on Sunday morning. He was pretty happy with himself. Eagerly clutching his writing pad he exclaimed he had written a sentence about me.

This obviously peaked my interest. So he didn’t want me to see it until he read it. He didn’t read it as much as shout it like he wanted everyone in England to hear it. After being initially interested in the sentence, all I could do was thank him for a wonderful description of what he thinks of his old man. I have laughed, been proud, happy and lots of other emotions about this seemingly simple gesture of gratitude by Travis.

It’s crazy how fast your children grow up, they just keep on making you grateful for being able to raise them. He is a pleasure to bring up as he is a very clever, and well behaved young man. Here is the writing he did about me. Enjoy!


It reads… Ash is mint cool awesom and good. Mint is a slang word used in the north east of England to describe something/someone good. It doesn’t make much sense, and their is spelling errors, but come on! How cool am I to my son?

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