Banged Up Abroad – ser 6 ep 2

So yesterday I was flicking through the HD channels as I don’t watch television unless it’s in HD. TV snob or what?

Well Banged Up Abroad was on and it peaked my interest, this episode was about a Scottish man called Gordon Malloch who was a whisky bootlegger in Saudi Arabia and he got nicked after selling some whisky to what he believed to be an arab prince of some sort.

It tells of how he survived being banged up in a Hell hole of a prison over there. Scary stuff. But it also got me thinking.

Why would anyone do that? Especially in another country that is very religious and has amazingly strong religious laws. Could it be the thrill? Because it can’t just be about the money because how on Earth could you get all of it home? I really enjoyed the insight to what it must be like to serve time whilst in a foreign land. I think the part that scared me the most was the religious police who sat talking for a few seconds then sentenced him to 4 years!

You should all check it out.

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