Quiet on the Ashbosh Front!

Holy Hell! It’s been several months since I last made a blog on here. Apologies for all you Boshley fans for I am alive and well.

Loads has happened since I last updated on here… I have been active over on my YouTube account if you didn’t know! If you’d like to see more then just search Ashthetash and you’ll see my ugly mug!

I recently got an infection in my nads. Nads is a slang word for testicles if you aren’t from the North East of England. It was so painful I had to take a trip to the doctors who confirmed I had got a thing called Orchitis. He wasn’t best pleased I left it so long before seeing him. But as a man you will put off anything for as long as you can before going to see your GP. Especially when you know he has to touch your b*llocks!

I have a course of antibiotics to take to rid myself of this annoying ailment. However the testicle swelling was pretty cool looking, but the pain that came with is was so extreme I’d rather lose the impressive size than have to feel that pain anymore. I finish the tablets on Saturday which is good as i have suffered from a few side effects on them. But the stomach pains and aches are kids stuff compared to the pain of Orchitis. If you are a female I can only liken the pain to child birth. It was like being kicked full force in the nads 24/7. But the pain has subsided alot now and it’s business as usual down there again, yipee!

Also my family took a trip to Berwick-Upon-Tweed which was great. Kody our youngest one however wasn’t very well the entire trip. That was kinda rough for him as well as Nicola and myself. What made it worse was the fact we had to sleep with him on top of the cushions off the couch on a night. That sucked. But Madison and Travis had a great time and enjoyed it immensely.

I might make another little series on here and link in the Berwick videos as my Keswick series got alot of attention which was lovely.

Well I promise I’ll try and blog more as I have really let the team down haven’t I?!

Thanks for reading you sexy lot, see you all soon!

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