Keswick and Me – 3

Today’s entry into the Keswick and Me series has to be the best darn Ice Cream I have ever tasted. I first visited this place back in 2003 before I even met my wife on my first trip to Keswick. When we first went together it would have been rude not to show her this place! So I took her for a world famous Luchini’s which she really enjoyed!! Luchini’s has alot of history, and it’s nice to share a little bit of it with you today.


Luchini’s Ice Cream was first established way back in 1901. It’s owner and creator was Luigi Luchini who arrived in the UK from Italy. It’s name is well renonwned throughout the area, and has been making ice cream according to Luigi’s original recipe ever since it first began. Now owned by grandson Tony Luchini, fresh ice cream is made daily at Luchini’s and it’s quality and reputation is still second to none. They pride themselves on making ice cream only using locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality.

If you ever go to Keswick, make sure you stop by, you won’t regret it!

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One thought on “Keswick and Me – 3

  1. I first went to Keswick as a child at the end of the 1970’s. I still remember just how delicious it was.

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