Red Bull Blue Edition

So on my recent travels to the local supermarket I noticed the new Red Bull cans. I have seen the silver on before as my mate Craigy Gee (Gee on Twitter) took a photo of one and sent me it. So as they are on offer for a pound I thought why the heck not! I went for the blue edition as it sounded the nicest to me. Here is a pic of the can.


They are very tasty! It states on the side it is red bull with blueberry. I love blueberry and this edition tastes lovely. It doesn’t leave that horrid after taste like alot of other energy drinks do. I have yet to try the silver and red but i’m impressed with the Blue variety! You know how I love my energy drinks, so here is another more artistic shot of the same can  of red bull!RED BULL BLUE EDITION

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