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Love My Kody

I love my boy. Here he is snuggled on Daddy on Friday.


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Good Morning!

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Keswick and Me – 10

So here we are! Installment number 10. This is the final picture in the set. Much like episode 9 we have the same poses and backdrop. I like this one a little more than number 9, so I thought it best to add it and complete the series. Look how beautiful my family are, and look how amazing the background is! All these photos were taken by Canon DLSR’s. I hope you enjoyed my series. Keep coming back as over the next few months I may do another set with another theme.


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Keswick and Me – 9

I love my family beyond belief. I also love the Lake District. So here are both. At Derwent Water Lake in Keswick for installment number 9! Only one left! It will also be of my family.


To see this image bigger click HERE

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Keswick and Me – 8

This is the eighth installment in my Keswick and Me series. I love these two girls with all my heart and would do anything for them. So this episode is a lovely photo of the two women in my life. I LOVE YOU LADIES!

This was taken at Derwent Water, a really beautiful and special place for me and Nicola. We love going there and this photo just makes me happy. Most people think i’ve landed a women out my league, and i’m very happy with that. She is gorgeous.


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Keswick and Me – 7

Thornthwaite Galleries was day 6. So here is a photo of me, my mother, Travis and Madison taken in the Galleries garden. We all had a lovely day and my Mother really enjoyed all the locally made artwork.


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