Shut Up You Fool

I hate loud people in waiting rooms.

We are sat in the womens centre awaiting a scan and a meeting with a consultant about our childs birth.

If we aren’t stuck in a waiting room full of people speaking other languages like cockney for instance, to make matters worse we are sat with potentially the biggest knobhead going.

He is loud, and finds himself funny, and wants everyone to hear his crap ass, not funny in the 80’s jokes. He must be 40+ but mentally aged around the 15-16 mark. Greasy slick back hair, a wife so ugly I wouldn’t bang her with your schlong! What makes it worse is they find it acceptable to reproduce! Ugh.

It irritates me to have to be subjected to people who can’t shut the Hell up, people who know me know I am loud. But I also have a serious side. When you are sat here in a room full of couples who have enough stress, I don’t loudly talk balls over everyone so I hopefully get a laugh out of someone.

Believe me sir your jokes are sh@t and the only rise you’ll get is after I stick my f#^king foot up your a$$.

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One thought on “Shut Up You Fool

  1. Andree Nonu says:

    this is my comments ! thx for all !

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