Vikings Versus Pirates

So for Christmas I got Fifa 12. Awesome, I thought.

So me and my boy created our own teams. I chose Ashbosh Vikings and Travis chose Pirates. Both teams are awesome. For instance my attacking force is Drogba, Bale and Walcott. Travis is no slouch, he has Rooney, Nani, Giggs and most of the Man Utd team at his disposal.

He is good. I mean he is really good. I’ve been playing Fifa all the way back to Fifa 94. Yet he can beat me. I win sometimes, but every time it’s a close epic battle.

My homie L2K came over last night, challenged Travis to a game, he was defeated. Badly.

When I was a child I too could defeat my father on any computer game, he hated it. I remember one time he threw a controller at the TV because I beat him on Madden 96. But this is different. He is only 5, he bounces round the room and constantly talks throughout gameplay. Yet he still manages to score decent goals, makes runs at the most opportune time and generally gets great luck throughout our matches.

Am I getting too old? I still play Fifa and Pro Evo every year. So with all my experience how can he beat me time and time again? I’m only 26 damn it!

Below is a photo to represent our power struggle for supremacy!


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