My Little Man

So my little boy turns 5 this month. In just 4 days time!

Wow! How old do I feel?

I can remember when he was born, the frantic ride to the hospital in my Mother’s car at 2am, the hours and hours sat in the delivery room as my wife had been given what seemed like an overdose of diamorphine the poor lass.

I remember being sat with my Sister in law Lauren talking about totally random things to keep spirits up as we were both really worried about Nicola.

I remember being asked to help break her waters so we could begin delivery, the hours of work Nicola put in on getting Travis here, and how I broke down in tears when he was born. I went outside to call people to tell them about it.

Called my mate Stan to tell him, I couldn’t even speak I was crying with joy so much. Years later we have a little girl called Madison, who adores Travis as much as me and his Mam.

5 Years, I mean wow that’s half of a decade! If you want to have a good think into it it’s 1826 days or 2,629,743 minutes you could go for seconds but I don’t want to go that far into it!

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