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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! All the bests for 2012.

Yes I meant Bests.

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A Little Update

Wow, thought I better blog as it’s been a while. Since I last blogged it’s been my little boys fifth birthday! Totally gutted about it though. Not for him as he loved it. For me, I recorded him opening his presents, and him at his dinner party in McDonalds.  Just so later in life we can look back and laugh at how little and adorable he was.

So I got home that night, made the video using iMovie, uploaded it to YouTube which seemed to take forever. Kept on saying processing… Processing… but never getting any further. So I deleted the file with the intent on uploading it again in the morning, to my horror I had deleted all the original files off the memory card, and deleted the exported iMovie file, and saved iMovie file off my Mac!!! HORROR! So I couldn’t get it back at all. All the cool videos of the whole day… gone. Devastated. So I learnt a valuable lesson, never delete anything off the Mac until YouTube stops being stupid.

 So the day after it was back to work for me, Mam offered me a lift and I said yes. She picked me around 09:15, which was good, enough time for a shower before work. However her car managed to break down outside my house. Her car battery just died a death. It seems this time of year will do that to cars. Work went quite fast for the most part, didn’t feel too great in the second half though. Had a lot on my mind which makes talking people through setting up email on a HTC Titan quite difficult.

 Got home and levelled my 58 Warlock called Untolocust on WoW to 60 via refer a friend and my missus using her level 85 to power level me. Which is always nice! Put my name down at work to try a new role for 6 weeks working with the people who monitor the calls coming in to our call centres and issue offline time and decline things etc. Sounds a great job to me, something I would really enjoy. I’ve learnt a lot at this place since I started 8 ½ years ago and I’d like to further my knowledge and maybe climb the ladder to be the leader one day.

 Imagine me a leader of anything? Sounds awesome, I start with the company I work for, and then?! I TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

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My Life 01-12-2011

My day yesterday on the first of December! This year is going way too fast

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My Little Man

So my little boy turns 5 this month. In just 4 days time!

Wow! How old do I feel?

I can remember when he was born, the frantic ride to the hospital in my Mother’s car at 2am, the hours and hours sat in the delivery room as my wife had been given what seemed like an overdose of diamorphine the poor lass.

I remember being sat with my Sister in law Lauren talking about totally random things to keep spirits up as we were both really worried about Nicola.

I remember being asked to help break her waters so we could begin delivery, the hours of work Nicola put in on getting Travis here, and how I broke down in tears when he was born. I went outside to call people to tell them about it.

Called my mate Stan to tell him, I couldn’t even speak I was crying with joy so much. Years later we have a little girl called Madison, who adores Travis as much as me and his Mam.

5 Years, I mean wow that’s half of a decade! If you want to have a good think into it it’s 1826 days or 2,629,743 minutes you could go for seconds but I don’t want to go that far into it!

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