Mystery Mushrooms – Magic?

Ok so I found these in my garden today, and I have no idea how they weren’t trodden on. Our dog leaps and bounds around the garden and somehow they survived. I have no idea if they are magic? I could have broken the law by unwittingly cultivating these in my garden.

I mean i picked it out of my garden. So surely I am a criminal? An accidental villain of the land? Here’s a photo. If you can identify it by all means comment below the post for me.

If they are magic, they will go to waste and some stoner somewhere will lose out on a “trip”. Could have been called the Ashbosh special. Anywhore, enjoy the picture took on my iPhone 3GS

“All mushrooms are edible – once” By Anon

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Mushrooms – Magic?

  1. They definitely aint magic mushrooms mate!

  2. Ashbosh says:

    haha that’s good to know, when i was younger i used to eat a few, but they were always gold caps. Nothing like these

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