Sellotape – Helpful Or Hideous?

I don’t want to annoy anyone in the sticking things together industry, but come on people!!!

It’s 2011 and we still use the same old rubbish sellotape which was naff when I was a small child. How come when I was young, our internet connections were non existent. A little bit down the road in my life we get internet, it was dial up, but year upon year it gets better, faster, more enjoyable, yet we still have gash sellotape that hasn’t changed one single bit!!!

Companies p*ss and moan about how many man hours they lose due to facebook etc. Which I agree is a disgrace, but if we add up all the hours spent trying to find that bit of sellotape that continues the roll, only for it to rip in half. I think we can all see it’s bad for business.

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One thought on “Sellotape – Helpful Or Hideous?

  1. MiniMosh says:

    I am very happy with sellotape as unfortunately not all items can be wrapped up in tin foil and therefore need something to stick the nice shiny paper down!

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