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My Life 29-11-2011

This was my day yesterday. Starring my mate Al, Craig and my work wife Hayley

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IWL Promo

I have been very busy over the course of the past few days, I bought a .com domain a few months ago and only got round to some serious work over these last couple of nights.

Basically it’s a creative writing idea where you write a match for your chosen wrestler against your opponent(s) and the best match gets used for the shows and PPV’s which it puts online.

It has championship belts, so their is the chance to be crowned the universal champion, or tag team champions!

Plus you remain anonymous so there is no need to be intimidated or upset if you don’t win all the time.

As it’s so new, it’s crazy to think we already have a few people in negotiations for characters at the moment, want in? Feel free to check it out over at the website it’s Innovation Wrestling League

If you love wrestling, or just a casual fan, give it a go! You might like it, also it would be good for anyone who is into creative writing, or creative thinking for storylines, angles etc. etc.

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Music Page

Take a look over on my “Music” page, it’s a list of pretty much all the bands I have seen live, not complete as some gigs I went to when I was young I was out of it, but the ones I can recollect are on it!

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Man With No Bones!

No words can describe what this man can do….

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My Two Year Old Swears!

Seen this on my YouTube channel, it has been long since been forgotten, thought it’d be good to show the world my little two year old and his naughty Mammy.

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My Life 25-11-2011

This was a quick video today that I recorded as it was my last day at work, a sort of celebration video!

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