Silva Doesn’t Want Sonnen?

I’ve heard Chael Sonnen trash talk Anderson Silva for a long time. I love it. It’s what the industry needs. Like Tito and Shamrock before them, even Kimo and Shamrock or Severn and Shamrock (note Shamrock is present alot), the MMA world needs feuds. GSP and Matt Hughes was a good rivalry, now I feel Nick Diaz is here to help give the Welterweight Championship belt it’s draw back after so many lack lustre matches for the title, and also the rarity in which they happen.

People want to watch gripping television, like or loathe Tito Ortiz, he got the crowd going. But then again just look at Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, they didn’t even need to trash talk each other, as the electricity was already there!

However most of what i’ve covered today was the past tense, and in these modern times it’s Sonnen versus Silva that gets me excited for MMA, it’s all ready the fastest growing sport in history, and get some epic fights in it’s history with two larger than life characters, and fireworks will fly.

I hope Silva takes the fight otherwise his “legacy” will be ruined. In a way I hope he loses as i’d like to see him step up to 205 and take on Jon “Bones” Jones.


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2 thoughts on “Silva Doesn’t Want Sonnen?

  1. MiniMosh says:

    When he called Silva out on live tv it was tv GOLD!

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