Journal – 12/10/2011

11:37am – Too tired for this today. Work is mega busy because Blackberry have gone and messed up.
12:08pm – Top Gear is on in the break room, that long haired one just went 407km/h in a car. Utterly pointless when you think about it.
12:19pm – Break almost over. Urgh. Bed, want my bed….
2:16pm – My nose is burning. on the inside… I’m sure that’s how mustard gas kills people. Could someone have brought it into work? Maybe cleverly hidden it inside a Coleman’s jar?
2:21pm – Have to sign in after my second break now. More fun will continue I’m so sure
2:23pm – Just thinking about Mussels. How do they mate? Don’t they have a big tongue they spew out man goo with? Might look it up on Wikipedia enlighten me about sea life.
2:29pm – My mind is wandering loads, you can tell it doesn’t want to be at work. Wiki won’t load on PC. I guess I’ll never know the mating rituals of the Mussel. Better get off this as “they” whinge when they catch me on my iPhone. You’ll never take me alive suckas!!!
2:34pm – Hello green tea tablet, i took you over an hour and a half ago, feel free to kick in and give me some of your caffeine goodness.
2:54pm – My mate Blair is busy at his PC so haven’t had time to talk today. He’s a good lad is Blair.
2:55pm – Who the Hell is Art Clokey?
3:36pm – I was wondering if Aadvark’s snore, seems They might as they have big noses.
3:42pm – Hayley says they do NOT snore.
3:43pm – Google doesn’t even know if Aadvark’s snore, how does Hayley know?
5:07pm – Hayley just showed me how Mussels mate. I feel sick, dirty shelled b@stards.
7:00pm – Got a meeting with my team leader, this should be fun >.<
8:39pm – Had some Carrot and Coriender soup, it was awesome!
8:42pm – I’m getting irritable. People need to listen before they speak.
9:25pm – Can’t wait to get home now. Been mad here today for no reason whatsoever. 70+ calls in que or most of day. Someone can’t plan bums on seats where I work. If I messed up this bad I would be on the dole.


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