Best WoW Class to level

Since 2007 now I have been an avid player of World of Warcraft.

It was my friend Mark who got me into the game by showing me Leeroy Jenkins on YouTube. So I took the plunge and purchased WoW. I chose a Tauren Hunter and however much I was loving Warcraft, being a Hunter had it’s drawbacks.

You needed to buy bullets, food for pet, make sure pet was happy at all times, have a special bag for your bullets/arrows, you were soft as cr@p without your pet etc. etc.

But now! Hunters have been improved so much it is super fast to level. Me and my wife play on Stormrage (EU) and have been utilising refer a friend. We got from 1 to 72 in a matter of 6 days, playing mostly in the evenings!

Next time you roll, think about hunters, they are now a viable dps option. Beast Mastery now has exotic pet skill so pet choices are awesome.



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