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Silva Doesn’t Want Sonnen?

I’ve heard Chael Sonnen trash talk Anderson Silva for a long time. I love it. It’s what the industry needs. Like Tito and Shamrock before them, even Kimo and Shamrock or Severn and Shamrock (note Shamrock is present alot), the MMA world needs feuds. GSP and Matt Hughes was a good rivalry, now I feel Nick Diaz is here to help give the Welterweight Championship belt it’s draw back after so many lack lustre matches for the title, and also the rarity in which they happen.

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Journal – 14/10/2011

12:37pm – Last day of pain until 3 days off
12:57pm – Jukesy’s last day today before he leaves To go to retail. GUTTED… Boy was my homie. Gonna miss him around the office.
1:52pm – I think I’m on stressed pregnant lady line today.
2:50pm – London is down, repeat London is down! Something is kicking off here as I seem to be speaking to a load of Cockneys.
3:00pm – Sometimes I wish I knew where I went wrong in life. Work related, not family/marriage related as that’s awesome.
10:00pm – My boy Jukes finished his last day on shift today, gutted. Love the lad to pieces.

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Journal – 13/10/2011

10:18am – Headache, really wanna be snuggled with my wife and kiddies. James is filling up hundreds of balloons with helium about 20 feet away, all I wanna do is breathe some in and take some calls. Excellent.
10:26am – I will refer to Hayley now only as Hamdog.
12:16pm – Eating a banana. Every time I open one I always think this is the time there is a spider in it. As yet that’s never happened.
12:44pm – Blackberry boss apologises for the mess his company made, not good enough sir.
1:46pm – Is it 10pm yet?
1:52pm – Thinking about Edinburgh, love the place, me and Nicola had a romantic day/night in a swanky hotel there for my birthday. LOVED IT!
2:00pm – Used Veet on my chest two days ago, it’s good stuff. Shaved a bit of my chest this morning, like a work in progress kind of deal, itches like a mo’ fugga. Used King Of Shaves Black Pepper shave gel, it smells awesome.
2:01pm – Do ducks constantly sweat? cos I sweat under a duck feather duvet.
4:51pm – Got a free can of Pepsi max! Was a bit warm though :-S
6:06pm – Beat Blair twice at table football. He is getting better already.
6:14pm – Diane is angry. I will steer clear.
6:53pm – I have 141 calls in my que, so motivated… So, so motivated.
7:25pm – I don’t like to gloat, but I must be in the top 2% of intelligent people in the UK.
7:28pm – my aim in life is to move to another country and refuse to learn their language/ways… Just because I can.
7:40pm – I find it hard to listen to people. You ask a question, so people then take this as a sign to tell me about the thin end of a f@rt in their life. I do not care to hear this, and it bothers me greatly. maybe I should ask them about the spider in banana question?
9:00pm – I need out of this place, I’m too good for them.
9:28pm – All the free cans of Pepsi Max in the world won’t improve today
9:31pm – I wonder what the longest a carrot has ever lived without being picked is? Must be years? Could it be years?


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Diet 13/10/2011

12:00pm – cottage cheese with chives and onions (300g) and 1 banana
4:00pm – tuna Mayo salad, 1 banana and slice lemon cheesecake
4:38pm – Free can of Pepsi Max
6:06pm – Free can of Pepsi Max
8:15pm – carrot & coriander soup, chicken Mayo sandwich on brown

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Diet – 12/10/2011

11:04 – Cottage Cheese with onion & chive (300g)
15:50 – Tuna Mayo salad, 1 apple and a slice of cheesecake
18:30 – Carrot Sticks and Reduced Fat Hummus
20:30 – Carrot & Coriander soup

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Journal – 12/10/2011

11:37am – Too tired for this today. Work is mega busy because Blackberry have gone and messed up.
12:08pm – Top Gear is on in the break room, that long haired one just went 407km/h in a car. Utterly pointless when you think about it.
12:19pm – Break almost over. Urgh. Bed, want my bed….
2:16pm – My nose is burning. on the inside… I’m sure that’s how mustard gas kills people. Could someone have brought it into work? Maybe cleverly hidden it inside a Coleman’s jar?
2:21pm – Have to sign in after my second break now. More fun will continue I’m so sure
2:23pm – Just thinking about Mussels. How do they mate? Don’t they have a big tongue they spew out man goo with? Might look it up on Wikipedia enlighten me about sea life.
2:29pm – My mind is wandering loads, you can tell it doesn’t want to be at work. Wiki won’t load on PC. I guess I’ll never know the mating rituals of the Mussel. Better get off this as “they” whinge when they catch me on my iPhone. You’ll never take me alive suckas!!!
2:34pm – Hello green tea tablet, i took you over an hour and a half ago, feel free to kick in and give me some of your caffeine goodness.
2:54pm – My mate Blair is busy at his PC so haven’t had time to talk today. He’s a good lad is Blair.
2:55pm – Who the Hell is Art Clokey?
3:36pm – I was wondering if Aadvark’s snore, seems They might as they have big noses.
3:42pm – Hayley says they do NOT snore.
3:43pm – Google doesn’t even know if Aadvark’s snore, how does Hayley know?
5:07pm – Hayley just showed me how Mussels mate. I feel sick, dirty shelled b@stards.
7:00pm – Got a meeting with my team leader, this should be fun >.<
8:39pm – Had some Carrot and Coriender soup, it was awesome!
8:42pm – I’m getting irritable. People need to listen before they speak.
9:25pm – Can’t wait to get home now. Been mad here today for no reason whatsoever. 70+ calls in que or most of day. Someone can’t plan bums on seats where I work. If I messed up this bad I would be on the dole.


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