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Who’d Win?

Pretty crazy this one really, I’m just sat here thinking about the hardest man on the planet. It’s not as easy as it sounds, who is the toughest man?

In the Blue corner, he don’t like no planes, he has a mohawk and a lot of gold, he kicks ass and takes names, and also eats Snickers bars, it’s Mr. T….

In the Red corner, he once fought Bruce Lee in a film, he was in a program about a cowboy karate bloke, he has nice hair and a lovely beard, he has more jokes made about him than your mam took length, it’s Chuck Norris!

But who would win? and why?

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Bit Of Love for MJ

Well recently I bought Michael Jackson’s album entitled “Number Ones”, which was released 18 November 2003. I got this little gem off iTunes as well, I do enjoy a bit of El Wacko Jacko. His music reminds me of my youth, a time of innocence and fun, like when watching “Moonwalker” didn’t make you feel awkward!

This album is chock full of awesome songs, me and my wife Nicola have played it at least 4 or 5 times!

If you wanna rock out old school style like you did when you were younger, then purchase this record. It’s only 5 pounds in iTunes as I type this!

Also as I type Nicola has just put Bros – Will I be famous? On pretty loud for 22:49 on a Sunday night!!!

Later peeps!

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