UFC 121 – Predictions

Brendan Schaub Versus Gabriel Gonzaga
I have to give this one to Gonzaga. I feel he is a contender for the title, he has had a few slip ups over his UFC career, like the loss to Carwin and Dos Santos, but he has the capabilities to go all the way! Schaub is a true competitor, and has been making leaps and bounds in his skill progression, but I feel this isn’t his night. Verdict? Gonzaga on points

Tito Ortiz versus Matt Hamill
Wow, the teacher fights the student?! Hamill has been doing very well for himself in the UFC, he slipped up against very good competition against former champion Franklin and a top contender in Bisping! But apart from that has beaten some credible opponents. Ortiz on the other hand has only had four fights since December 30th 2006, with a very unimpressive record of 0-3-1. If he wasn’t such a big name still I don’t think UFC would even still retain his services. That being said he has had a lot of health problems, all of which he claims are solved. This should really be a co-main event, it’s the make or break fight for Tito which many people haven’t even realised. If he loses to Hamill at “full health” then he surely must call it a day. Verdict – Ortiz on points, but Hamill will make it VERY difficult for the Huntington Beach Bad Boy.

Diego Sanchez Versus Paulo Thiago
This has Fight of the Night wrote all over it. I give this fight to Paulo Thiago, I suspect it could be a stand up war, both men wanting to show they can bang. But ultimately we should see a ground game. I love Thiago because he has a KO over Koscheck. God I hate Koscheck. Sanchez is a lethal guy, both with stand up and ground game. I like him a lot. Verdict – KO to Thiago late in the second after both men want to show they can trade.

Jake Shields Versus Martin Kampmann
Shields has a 14 fight win streak. WOW. You don’t get many guys with that record. But Kampmann has some really good names under his defeated check list. Kampmann fights out of Xtreme Couture so he trains with a lot of the best. This is a tough fight to call, really tough. Maybe even too tough? I’ll say Shields wins on a draw but I am very excited to watch this fight.
Main Event – Brock Lesnar Versus Cain Velasquez
Brock is ripped right now! I swear if he gets anymore lean and mean, Chuck Norris will start to worry. But he is human, Carwin showed he can get hurt and Cain has some heavy hands. Also Cain I believe at this point is undefeated. So it shall be a war no matter what. Verdict? Pfff I really have no idea who will win. I shall say Lesnar wins via KO if he can tire out a very conditioned and focused Velasquez. This fight will be a delight to watch and wish them both the best of luck.

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