My Feelings So Far…

Well, I’m still sore. VERY SORE! I did 200 swings on Monday night, first time in several months, and I am in agony.

Most deserved as I have let myself gain the weight that in February through April I spent months working off. I didn’t manage to do any exercise on Tuesday, due to working nightshift making it extra difficult, I do however have three days off after this last night. So I should be able to perform 3 good workouts.

I want to increase the number of swings first, when I feel I can manage 300, that’s 50, then 1 minute off, 50 more, 1 minute off etc. until I can manage 300 I will be pleased. I will then increase the weight to my 20KG kettlebell.

Ideally by Crimbo I should hopefully be using the 20KG one regularly. So by my birthday next year I want to be using a 24KG bell solidly.

I aim to up my routine from just double and single arms, to cleans, jerks and TGU’s. I may need more tuition on the TGU side of things, and there’s only one man I trust to help me achieve that.

Phil Earley from NKC, he is RKC and IKFF certified, has trained under Pavel Tsatsouline and Steve Cotter. The man is a machine, and such a lovely bloke. I urge anyone who wants to learn proper technique, to seek out Phil Earley from NKC see his website HERE

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