The Mission – To get fit, and in turn lose weight

It’s always been a problem for me since 21. I used to be a tall, thin lad. Then one day I woke up and realised I was 18 stone!!! I was huge, I have wedding photos to prove how bad I was. But my beautiful wife loved me no matter what. Well skip forward 4 years and a few yo-yo diets later, I am still not as bad as I was before, but I have gained weight again.

I managed to lose weight in 2006 and got down to 14 stone exactly. I put some back on, then in January 2010 met a great RKC trainer called Phil Earley, check out his credentials HERE (he is awesome). He showed me how to utilise kettlebells. I felt great, gained lean muscle lost weight I had gained and got back into a healthy weight range. We had our second child Madison in June just gone. I’ll just say now She’s wonderful and she isn’t getting blamed, it’s all me.

But as you can tell by this blog today all the sleepless nights and days feeling exhausted has led me to gain weight through a lazy Man’s diet and little regular exercise. THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE FOR LIFE.

The Tactics – Eating healthy and doing plenty of kettlebells

I intend to utilise the 3 existing kettlebells I have in my possession. A 12KG, a 16KG and a 20KG bell. I am going to aim to do between 5-10 sets of 20-50 reps of kettlebell swings with 1 minute of rest between. I intend to use double arm swings and single arm swings. Completing at least 200 swings a session. Sometimes over training and sometimes under training (just getting 200) to keep the body guessing and to not over do it and cause injury or over fatigue.

I currently weighed in today at 15 stone and 13 pounds! Now that is dreadful. By Christmas I would love to be able to fit into my jeans that I own. On Christmas day I am going to be wearing these clothes.

Don’t fit too good do they?!! Think they do? Your mad! Here’s me without the shirt!

See? Hideous. But if I maintain 4-5 days a week of kettlebells and eating carefully, then I believe I should reach this goal easily. I will be keeping this blog updated as a journal and diary, sharing my thoughts and feelings. Oh and if you think this was taken in the past, and i am just doing this for publicity, the last shot I took was me holding the paper today, here…

Wish me luck, something tells me I am going to need it!

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