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They Have Already Failed In Life.

just watch the video, it’s worth it.


It has begun….

Today I went to the Metro Centre with my lovely wife Nicola to go Christmas Shopping.

We got truck loads, and we aren’t even half way finished yet. Dear me can our wallets really afford it all this year?

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Foisty Cabbage Episode 11

This episode is entitled “Retro Foisty” and it’s live in iTunes now! So go get it!

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Who’s the most underrated athlete?

Caol Uno. He is an amazing athlete, and at only 5 foot 7 he is a little warrior. I always enjoyed seeing him fight in the UFC it’s upsetting he has almost retired. UFC missed the ball by not getting him on board for more fights. Sure he had more losses than wins in the UFC BUT! He was always a fighter full of heart and everyone always wanted him to win, except his opponents obviously.

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If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

Well let’s say Aids, Cancer and poverty etc. are all taken by someone else, so I have free will over everything normal. I’d probably rid the world of…….. Violence of any type. It’s just plain nasty.

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