Feeding Desire…With Guitars!

I’ve just bought a guitar, admittedly I’ve had them in my life for years, but never sat down and learned how to play. I can play Bass, I mean things like For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica etc. But i’ve always wanted to learn guitar. My wife has just bought one too! So we can stick at it together. That was all fandabidozee until this happened…

That’s correct, Travis who is only 3 and a half, wanted his own guitar! So he begged me in the music shop to buy it for him. Here he is having a jam session before bedtime! He has a Volcano guitar, with one humbucker pickup and it’s a really nice sounding guitar, for the size! As soon as he turns four I will try and show him what I know so far, and then when he is in school, i may make him do 1 hour homework and 1 hour guitar a day, by the time he is ten, he’ll be moshing along to Opeth, well maybe not Opeth but anything better than Lady Gaga is a win/win situation right?

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