Fat Princess PS3 review

This is a small review of the above mentioned PS3 title. But let’s start off by saying it is a PSN download only. So if you aren’t living in 2010 and don’t have a router and modem, look away, this isn’t for Neanderthals.

PSN for Neanderthals who persist on reading on, stands for Playstation Network, it’s a shop online where you can purchase additional content for existing games and also buy games for your PS3 and PSP solely available online.

Now let’s talk to the clued up people. Fat Princess is a game available to download (there is a demo and a full version) where the object is quite simple. Get back your stolen princess!

Now it’s not easy, this game allows up to 32 people to play online at any one time, 16 on each team, fighting to get their princess back on their rightful throne. BUT at the same time, you enemy is feeding your Princess cake to make her chubby so it’s harder to lug her all the way back to your castle. Don’t you worry though, cake is littered all over, so feel free to stuff their Princess’ face full of cake and make it harder for them!

While all that is going on, people are fighting all over the map, taking strongholds that are placed in different places. Little stalls are in your castle, each dispensing hats, hats that change your characters class. There are several classes available including, Warrior, Priest, worker, a Ranger, Mage and lastly the standard villager.

Now how to fight, it’s simple lock on to an enemy with L1 and bash em’ to Hell with the square button. If your  a mage, or priest you can do AOE (area of effect) spells which blast out around you and can hurt multiple enemies.

My favourite character must be priest. You can heal a single person by holding down square for a few seconds or blast out an AOE heal spell and heal lots of your friends. This game is VERY addictive, funny and quite violent in a cartoon style way. If you want an easy to learn, pick up and play game, get Fat Princess, oh and add Mosh-bosh to your friends, that’s me! And I’ll see you out there.

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