An Alien Stole My Resources!

They are above us! Around us! Amongst us! But keep your distance, they aren’t nice life forms. Remember that bully in school? Yup, must have been an Alien… probably.

No not this Alien! The British genius that is Professor Stephen Hawking seems to think if we do ever meet aliens Steer cleer! They will be just as greedy as us and take resources with no remorse.

Now Scientists have believed we are not alone for years, and life is most probable on one of Jupiter’s moons called Europa. This was recently exposed to the masses by the brilliant Professor Brian Cox (Twitter Link) on a very special program for the BBC called Wonders of the Solar System.

So with that being said if you ever feel your getting your resources taken by someone, chances are they’re an alien and stay away! This story only gets an average score on the Bosh-O-Meter, as we all know they ain’t gonna be cute and cuddly like the Gremlins pre water etc.

Full Story coutesy of BBC news here.

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