Dr. Who A Must See!

I am in no way a fan of Dr. Who as a general rule. Sure i’ve watched it in the past, on BBC 2 when I was like 7 haha. But since it’s launched again I have not been into it what so ever.

Until the new Dr. Who arrived and he was interviewed on Jonathan Ross. He just epitomised what Dr. who Should be like. I’ve never heard of Matt Smith before he took on the role. It must be immesly difficult to take on that role hot on the heels of arguably the most popular Dr. Who ever. With that said I feel he is a great Doctor. He must be my favourite actor so far in 2010. Steven Moffat is doing an excellent job leading us through this new series.

I write this after watching the “Eyes Wide Open” episode where Dr. Who And Amy Pond go back 12,000 years I believe to help River kill or at least stop a Weeping Angel.

It is totally messed up from there on in, the idea of a statue being able to get you when your not looking but unable to move when you look at it sounds lame. But it isn’t! If I was a small child watching that i’d be so freaked out! My friend said that and he is 1000% correct! I agree entirely.

10/10 for that episode, I am actually looking forward to seeing the follow up as it’s not over yet. If you haven’t seen it or have any pre-conceptions, lose those and go check it out! Very enjoyable.

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