iLost A Limb, But it’s Back Now

I lost my phone last week. When I say lost I mean I left it at home and thought some rascal had ousted it from my possession. How could I live without it?

I had no idea so I scrambled around at work retracing my steps for what seemed like an eternity (bout 7 and a half minutes). So I barred it by calling customer services and was absolutely gutted.

I work in a call centre so taking the p*ss out of a person who’s lost their phone is funny (outside the workplace). Especially when they start crying about it. But to lose an iPhone with all your top scores for games on level 5 of Angry Birds is absolutely terrible!

But because I’m stupid I had left it at my house. So even more embarrassing is the fact I had to call back and remove the bar and tell them how daft I was for forgetting it and stressing so much.

Does anyone else think they could live without their iPhone once they’ve started knocking through the games?

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