Ashbosh’s Life “Changed” Post Skin Tag!

Ashbosh is said to be in a stable condition after his major surgery earlier this afternoon. Ashbosh is said to be awake and mobile.

When asked for comments Ashbosh was reported to have responded “I’m a new man! My life has changed! All the staff have been amazing with me, from the computerised sign in thing to the Doctor”. “I’m going to make a full recovery the docs say”.

I’m just f*ckin’ with you! The whole process was very fast! Oh, how medicine has changed in the past 5 years! Last time the Doc just carved them off with scissors and then cordorised it there and then, no pain relief no nothing. Very medievil and hardcore!

Not now, they inject you and it numbs the whole area so you don’t feel anything! My skin tag was on my inside thigh, so used to hurt when running etc.

Been waiting 5 months for an appointment to cut it off. Post surgery haha as it’s only minor is fine, It’s sore now hours later but I had to walk the length of my home town as Stu (Twitter Link) my mate doesn’t get buses and he walks everywhere.

All in all very pleased. Well done science and medicine. Spiffing job!

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