Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer

This is a micro review of the above named beverage of the alcoholic persuasion. Pictured here…. (please ignore dog)

Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer


The people at Crabbies are certainly good at what they do. Personally I am no fan of ginger. I have tasted it in many forms and it’s not my bag baby.

Albeit when my Nana was alive bless her, she used to have a tub of biscuits we could eat with a cuppa. You know the sort where is the great biccy lottery and i’d occasinally get a ginger one and have to eat it.

But apart from those days ginger never nakes it into my guts. But when browsing the aisles at Sainsburys a few weeks ago, and seeing the Ad on TV I let go of ones ginger hang ups (no offence my ginger brethren) and got some.

Five pounds for 3 bottles seems ok right? Better than one bottle for £3.50 in my local watering hole. It must have been on offer.

Treat it like cider and you won’t go too far wrong. I found the best way o serve is just like Magners. If you don’t know what I mean, here’s the prep method!!?!

Chill it good, pint glass and lots of ice. Not too difficult to master, so I know you’ll not mess it up. Insert ice into glass, poor in Crabbies and pick up glass, drink like any other drink and voila! It tastes gorgeous. It’s not hot like you may expect, it has no pungent kick, its mild and sweet.

On a sunny day in a beer garden near you I expect the dirty university brigade to pick up on this bad boy and make it their own. I’m not really having a go at uni people, i love you all.

Like Magners it is a party drink, a BBQ type alcoholic tipple. A fun time happy go lucky booze, you couldn’t drink too many of these as mentioned before it’s sweet. But altogether a pleasure to sip.


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