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The Man, The Bigot, The Legend

What a day for Mr. Brown. He’s earned my vote.

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Gotta love LTD Watches!

Never heard of them? Neither had I until last year. There is a shop in York which had a shipment of LTD’s in that very same day. If you have no idea what one looks like. See below. Continue reading

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An Alien Stole My Resources!

They are above us! Around us! Amongst us! But keep your distance, they aren’t nice life forms. Remember that bully in school? Yup, must have been an Alien… probably.

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The Craziest Phobia Of All…..

My friend Peter (twitter link) found this bad boy on t’interweb, and it’s very funny. Not for people involved, but still VERY FUNNY!
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Dr. Who A Must See!

I am in no way a fan of Dr. Who as a general rule. Sure i’ve watched it in the past, on BBC 2 when I was like 7 haha. But since it’s launched again I have not been into it what so ever.
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iLost A Limb, But it’s Back Now

I lost my phone last week. When I say lost I mean I left it at home and thought some rascal had ousted it from my possession. How could I live without it? Continue reading

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